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Fall 2006 Reflections [Dec. 15th, 2006|01:15 pm]
Students Parenting


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I am officially done for the semester (WHOOP!)!

I took 5 classes this semester and I know for sure that I have two A's and one B.

Felix bought me a laptop in October, because our desktop died, and it's kind of hard to write papers without a computer. I'm sure I could have used my old typewriter, but I can't seem to find new ink ribbons for it. Anyway somehow I keep getting the caps turned permanetely on and it's driving me crazy. I have no idea how I'm dong it.

Today is perfectly placed. My last final was yesterday and today is Felix's 23 birthday. So we're going to celebrate.

I haven't registered for classes yet. I'm at a cross roads again. We're moving to Idaho in July, the university that will be in our new town has an incredible dietics program, which I would love to join. However we'll only be there for a year. So right now I'm trying to decide whether I should stay with my community health major or change to nutrition so I can try to get into the other dietics program.

This semester was my first time back as a full-time student since Marcus was born. It was also the first time I really felt that the university I attend had let me down. I ended up with two instructors who were not student-friendly. It was impossible to get a hold of them the entire semester. One lost two of my assignments and whenever I emailed her about it she docked points. She also ended up canceling 1/2 of our class times. At first I thought it was kind of cool to only have class once a week, then I realized what a disadvantage it put us at.
My other instructor is retiring next semester, his lectures were considered long if they went over 20 minutes, and he got a lot of his sources from wikipedia.
Up until now I have had amazing instrutors! I guess having two lousy ones in the same semester made up for it.

How did everyone else's semester go?

[User Picture]From: lady_jessi
2006-12-16 02:22 pm (UTC)
It seems like every semester I get a teacher in his/her first semester teaching and have NO idea what's going on.

Take my testing and lesson planning teacher for example. We didn't start talking about testing until the last 2 weeks of class. But I tell you I will never forget how to foldables or the Kagen structure activities (which were not even supposed to be part of the course). Read the course description, lady. AND she hardly ever talked about the stuff that she tested us on. I wouldn't have bombed that midterm if she had talked about the material instead of just saying "let's fold paper today, and you guys study this stuff for your test next week."

Yea, true story.
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