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Students Parenting

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Tuesday [Jan. 13th, 2007|08:41 pm]
Students Parenting


Ah, school. Yesterday, I went with my mom to pick up my books and all that jazz. Although it turned out to be a mostly wasted trip. I had only 1 book at the textbook rental place, and the book store was only starting the PELL grant line after school started, so I couldn't get my books from there yet. It sucks that they are doing it like that because after school starts the lines are a mile long and the store is super crowded. All that, and you have to go sometime around your class schedule. Blah. Whatever.

School starts on Tuesday. I'm having a lot of anxiety about it. I want to go back, yet I don't. I am really excited to be teaching this semester. I love students, and I love the career choice I have made. But in the same instance, I don't want to miss my little daughter's growth and milestones, and I want her to love me as her mommy and not as her babysitter. But, I guess, as long as she is surrounded by people who love her, she can't get too messed up. I'm so gratefull that she can stay with her grandmas and not have to go to daycare. Actually as for now, she will be staying with her daddy because we are working opposite shifts. That's good for Amory, but horrible for Brandon and I. We are never going to see eachother. Sometimes life just doesn't turn out like you'd want it to.

I have class Monday-Thursday 9-2. And Friday from 9-11. But then I'll have to do some outside of school hours with students so that will fill up the rest of the day on Fridays.