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Students Parenting

Parent Students

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This community was created for parents in school to share their experiences.
Discussion is not limited to only school. Posts about family, friends, things that stress you out, and that great recipe you found for making dinner in 5 mintues, are always welcomed.
When you join it would be great if you would introduce yourself. This is not obligitory to joining, it just makes things more friendly.
Please remember to keep picture posts friends only!

DO NOT attack people for their beliefs or choices regarding their child(ren), family, school, & lifestyle.
If you do not belive that life is all about choices, even choices that do not match yours, then this is not the community for you.
Keep the snark in parent_drama
If you feel that someone is violating the rules, please contact the moderator.

Some other helpful communities: Expecting? pregnant is a wonderful place to get pregnancy related information. Thinking about breastfeeding? Check out adopt_a_mom for one on one advice and support. Are you tired of buying diapers every week? Check out clothdiapering for an enviroment friendly option.

If there is anything you would like to see added to our info, reply to this post

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